Megexit. Meghan and Harry stepping down from Royal duties. Brexit Learn!

So the latest boiling story is that Meghan and Harry are stepping down from their royal duties. So no surprise there , this news has taken everyone by storm . #Megexit , #MeghanMarkle and #PrinceHarry are already trending .

During this fiasco, two extreme viewpoints have been emerged. Pro Meghan and anti Meghan. It is interesting to see that you don’t see Harry part of this AT ALL. It is almost like Harry does not exist or this decision has entirely been Meghan’s. Its either Meghan caused the divide or WAY TO GO Meghan! Hello , what about Harry ? He is ACTUALLY the one who is giving it all up .

I am trying to be as unbiased as possible . But I feel the same decision could had been taken in a less controversial manner. They should had consulted with the Queen. This seems too reckless. And also I have always admired how progressive the Queen has been to welcome Meghan into her family despite all odds. Meghan is bi racial , Divorcee, coming from a dysfunctional family & American. Clearly out of Queen’s traditional comfort zone. The same woman who initially refused Camilla Parker for her son , accepted Meghan Markle. Maybe because Harry was 6th in line to throne but still, I was pleasantly surprised by her open mindedness.

The Brit media on the other hand has always been invasive and cruel. Like a chameleon that changes color when convenient. Princess Diana , Kate and Meghan have all fallen victims to it. Remember when Kate’s nude pictures were published on a freaking newspaper or her oops moments made national headlines ? So yes Meghan , you were bullied but you are not alone there. It is not you , it is them . They spare no one. And expecting anything else from them is incredibly naïve.

So this time around, we can say this royal couple had enough of the hateful media crap and calling it quits from their relentless harassment. Harry still has a luxury to make this decision and live life in his own terms, William however does not.

I wish Meghan and Harry all the best for their next adventure. Now that you have already taken the plunge, switch off your cells and hibernate for a month.

Some of the headline making waves;

So what do you think will happen now ? I am totally hooked.